When you embrace your true, feminine power, your greatness is revealed and remarkable things happen.

What is a Style Coach?

Style Coaching is a holistic approach to your self image. You are more than a simple reflection in the mirror. Let's unmask your true identity. I focus on 3 things: Your body, your mind and your spirit. When all 3 work together, you feel an unimaginable sense of love for yourself. Not only am I your Style Coach, I am your mentor. I help you embrace your individuality by finding your own, personal style. You feel better about yourself, which in turn will lift your spirit. Let's get to know the Real You through my customized Makeup Modules , Beauty Boot Camps and Style Coaching practices, which includes: **self-image psychology**. Through my Unleash Your Greatness! brand, you will transform your heart and empower your soul and your true shine will be revealed.




**Disclaimer: Please remember that I am not a registered psychologist, therapist or counselor. I am a coach who is passionate about guiding you towards achieving self-love, increasing self-esteem and re-discovering your inner confidence utilizing style coaching methods and some principles that pertain to psychology.** Thank you for your understanding!

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