Hidden Jewel ConsultingLis Perez is the CEO and Visionary of Hidden Jewel Consulting. She is a personal branding coach and consultant in Calgary, AB who empowers women to re-discover themselves and embrace it.

As a personal branding coach, Lis guides women in finding what makes them unique so that they can live a life full of positivity and focus on the dreams that they desire. She coaches women on how to embrace their true identity and find their own 'hidden jewel' so that they can share it with the world and empower others with their story. Through Hidden Jewel Consulting and her other empowerment brands, Lis helps women find their own true happiness so they can re-claim their inner power.


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  • To completely transform your life into something more greater than you can possibly imagine?
  • To live your life the way YOU WANT and the way God has paved the path for you??
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  • To finally believe in yourself and take your hidden jewel and embrace it for all that is worth?