About Lis

I've always been passionate about fashion. Since I was little, I dreamt about becoming a fashion designer for years on end. I loved everything about fashion...the trends, the accessories, the styles, the colours...how you can just add one simple accessory or piece of clothing and it changes the entire outfit...everything! It just stirs up something inside of me when I put together an outfit as I'm getting dressed in the morning, and I look in the mirror and I feel great. I feel confident. I own that outfit. I own my power. 

But, as the years passed me by, I grew into a stage when I wanted more for my life than just becoming a fashion designer. I wanted something deeper. My purpose needed to be far greater than what it was. There had to be a 'Big Picture Purpose' that helped others and will eventually begin to help the world. And so, as the years went by, I went through my own transformation.

I went through my own journey of self-discovery in order to get to know the Real Me.

I went through many, many changes, struggles, trials, tribulations, heartbreak...you name it. I went through it all! By the time I hit my mid 30's, I finally figured out my Big Picture Purpose! Let me rephrase that...God set me up to find my purpose. And with that, came another journey that led me to stumble upon my Big Picture Purpose!

I knew all along that it had to be greater than designing a fabulous garment for someone. I started out as a Makeup Artist & Image Consultant. It was so much fun and I loved seeing the looks on people's faces when they tried on a piece of clothing that they never thought they would ever wear or I put on a different coloured lipstick on a client. They smiled from ear to ear and I knew that my purpose was close. Again, I made it my mission to find my God-given purpose...it was definitely far greater than doing a client's makeup for a wedding. I started conducting makeup lessons...again, that look on their face when they are learning to put on their own makeup was priceless. I felt the warm fuzzies each and every time.

Then, I began to ask myself. What do I love most out of all these journeys and experiences?

I LOVE coaching, I LOVE fashion & style and I LOVE helping people transform into GREATER versions of themselves!

Looking back at my own journey, I remember this shy, naive little girl who craved self-love but found hatred instead. She never felt she was good enough to accomplish anything. She went through so many obstacles and like her shyness, hid her story from the world. She was ashamed. This little girl is a part of who I am today...this transformation is real. It's raw. It's empowering. Like my own journey, there are many women in this world who want to be transformed, inside and out, but they don't know where to start.

I have created my Unleash Your Greatness! brand for this same reason.

If you're feeling stuck and you feel cornered in a deep, black hole of unhappiness and you don't know how to get out, I can help. If you're feeling ashamed of your own journey, believe me... I know the feeling. I can help you break down that barrier and embrace it. Your story is your Greatness! You have the power to unleash it. You are more than just a reflection in the mirror. Let's release that energy within you and go through an incredible transformation, inside and out, and you will witness an even more beautiful woman looking back at you.

Here's to your Total Transformation! Congrats on taking the first step to Unleashing Your Greatness!

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