I am a woman in my 40's and I recently had a 2 hour makeup session with Lis. I really had not updated my makeup techniques since my teens! I knew there was a better way to putting my makeup on each day, but I really did not know where to start.

My session with Lis was great. We went over all the aspects that were important to me and I practiced the techniques in my session with her. I loved what I learned, and I now use these techniques everyday. And its not hard! It has transformed how I do my eye makeup and I love it! I feel that I have really learned how to accentuate my own beauty.

I also purchased some makeup from Lis (NO pressure). Lis chose colors that are suited to my skin tone and wow, the quality is just fantastic! I just LOVE my new eyeshadows. Overall my experience with Lis was great and I highly recommend that if you are looking to update your makeup techniques, or are curious about how to conquer any areas of makeup you are unsure of, give Lis a call!

Lis can teach you in a very comfortable environment that is conducive to learning and making you feel your best.

You won't be disappointed!
Melanie L.

I was searching the websites for makeup classes that I can do later myself as I am new to Calgary, then I found Lis in one of the websites and I approached her because she has what I was looking for. Lis taught me the basics of applying the makeup and the different types of makeups which are available in the market, how to choose the suitable colors and material according to the purpose I want all in almost 2 hours. The result was amazing! I learned so many things which I did not know before.

One thing I liked was her honesty and professional. Also, she has her own makeup which is all made from natural products and I purchased many items from her as I am planning to start from beginning with healthy products.

I found the experience is very good and now I am happy to apply the steps for my own makeup.

I would recommend Lis to people who need short period and reasonable price for makeup class.

Ibtisam S.